Santorini Hike

The six-mile hike between Oia and Fira has been universally recommended and given all the tzazki, calamari, grilled feta in sesame and honey and souvlaki we’ve been eating, I am all for it. We climb rugged, rocky trails, clamber up steep slopes, pass pristine... read more

Santorini Sailing

One day we head to FIra, park the car (no mean feat given the tight space and steep hill), buy excursion tickets from Pelican Travel (as recommended by Dimitrios) and walk down the 400 or so steps (some of which are being repaired as part of the bustle of cleaning,... read more

Santorini: Tapping Your Inner Muse

Our little cave, or yposkafa, originally held donkeys. But our enterprising landlord, Dmitri, has totally redone it in shades of vibrant blues and soft mauves. It’s small and packed with nooks and has the sort of view that prompts my 18-year-old daughter to say,... read more

Santorini “Cave”

Oia is the spot to watch the sunset from when you’re in Santorini. And that’s where our little yposkafa–cave house-is located. This slideshow requires JavaScript. Our ypskal  is all that the photos promised, but even better. It is just next to the... read more

Santorini Lunch

Santorini welcomes us with temperatures in the 80s and warm sunshine. Our “meet-and-greet” car rental with Enterprise is indeed just that–in the parking lot. No bus to the counter, just cell phones and a paper contract.  I can’t wait to tell... read more


On our trip to Delphi, our daughter finds a soul mate in our philosopher-guide George, who we hired though ShoreTrips. He tells us that instead of ten commandments, the Greeks have one: Know yourself. Hmm. Delphi is set on a mountainside high above a valley holding... read more

The Acropolis

To step foot on the Acropolis is to wonder: Who were these guys? What confluence of individual genius, collective knowledge, geography and environment made ancient Greek culture the foundation of western civilization? Even when the Romans took over the show, they... read more

Athens – Day One

My husband and I are following our mad-about-Greek-history-and-myths 12-year-old around Greece. So, after a day of sightseeing, you end up in the hotel pool instead of the bar. But that’s okay, since it comes after she’s impressed the professional tour... read more

Resist Inertia.

Fight Routine.

Play Hooky.