Sledding and Tourists

We kept sledding, they kept watching and we said “Wanna try it?” And they did! From Belgium, from Australia, from other parts of  the U.S., and from New York itself, one by one, dozens of visitors and New Yorkers  jumped on one of our tubes and went...

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Why I’m Going Back to Telluride

You can check out snowshoes from the Telluride Public Library. And it’s not just me who thinks that’s cool, it’s the 12-year-old girl who rhapsodized about it to me. You can talk about Malbec’s story — rescued by Argentina, restored to...

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Hunting the Cotswolds Hunt

I took a wrong turn from either Upper or Lower Slaughter or Upper or Lower Swell, (and these are villages, not bars!) and found myself on a narrow wooded lane lined by half a dozen cars parked in the trees with guys hanging out, drinking tea and looking at the rolling...

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Resist Inertia.

Fight Routine.

Play Hooky.