Our Favorite Hotel in Morocco

Two more to go but Dar Maysanne in Rabat remains No.1. Loved the Berber tent, of course, but that’s in an entirely different category! Click on the first photo to see the slide show.This slideshow requires...

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Entrepreneurial Morocco

Moroccans are so busy! Here in the narrow lanes of the Marrakesh medina they’re on donkeys, motorbikes and bicycles. They’re in a hurry and they’re mischievous. A girl on a motorbike pretends to aim her bike right at my 14-year-old , then grins and...

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The Absurd and the Sublime

Sledding on sand boards, bonding with camels and then, the gentle voice of one of our teen hosts saying, “Good morning!” at 6 a.m. to get those of us who hadn’t set our alarms a little extra nudge to make sure we got up to watch the sun rise over the...

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Us and the Sahara

I was caught off guard by the seductive serenity of the dunes. After our jolly escort, Sayeed, helped my husband and I and our two daughters clamber onto our camels, he cavorted in front of us over the sand, kissing my camel, demonstrating how a desert well works and...

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Heading out to Morocco!

Turned on my email autoresponder, piled younger daughter, husband and bags into a Tel Aviv 777 cab whose Southeast Asian driver skillfully wove his way through St. Paddy’s Day crowds, rush-hour traffic and a rain-slicked Grand Central Parkway to JFK and our Air...

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Resist Inertia.

Fight Routine.

Play Hooky.