My Perspectives

Teens Unplug

This group of teens unplugged for two weeks of surfing and community work in Hawaii. And, guess what? When they had the option of turning their phones back on, they didn’t. Are they unusual? Well, not as much as you might think. These kids–and one of them was my...

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A Step Back in Time

One of the things that I loved on our last trip to Mexico was the street commerce: merchants selling their wares–fish, bottled water, who knows what else–out of small trucks rumbling up and down the cobble-stoned streets. So old world, I thought, so...

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My View From the Grassy Knoll

I just found a gem of a museum that shoots you straight back to 1963. Called the Sixth Floor Museum, it’s on the sixth floor of the Texas Book Depository–where, on Nov. 22, 1963, Lee Harvey Oswald stood when he shot JFK. The museum is about more than the...

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O’Hare Thunderstorms and Sky Masterson

Thunderstorms shut down O’Hare for hours yesterday and even when our flight finally took off after midnight, lightning flashes surrounded us on three sides. I’m a blue-sky, smooth-air flyer, but even as I was saying Hail Marys through our ascent through bumpy clouds,...

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Playing Hooky for Veteran’s Day

My younger daughter and I played hooky to celebrate Veteran’s Day–and not just any Veteran’s Day, but 11-11-11. We flew home to Wisconsin to celebrate it the old-fashioned way. In my home town of Sparta, that means school assemblies, with members of the American...

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Roadtrip to Summer

I am a mother. And that makes me, in the eyes of my teenager, inherently, irrevocably and irredeemably uncool. But for one halcyon moment last summer, I wasn’t. What was my vehicle to momentary redemption? A red Mustang convertible, top down, its Sirius...

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It’s as much an emotional journey as a geographic one.