My Perspectives

Hunting the Cotswolds Hunt

I took a wrong turn from either Upper or Lower Slaughter or Upper or Lower Swell, (and these are villages, not bars!) and found myself on a narrow wooded lane lined by half a dozen cars parked in the trees with guys hanging out, drinking tea and looking at the rolling...

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Last Day at WTM 2015

World Travel Market 2015 wound down after four days today and here’s what a travel show looks like on its last day. The crowds thin out, which means exhibitors like me get a chance to wander around to see how countries from all over the world show off their...

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The Philosopher in Seat 1B

The youngish guy who sat next to me in seat 1B (hey, I got a free upgrade) on my flight down to Austin was a tall guy, a baseball cap on his prematurely balding head, and a little overweight. And as our flight bumped through storm cells over Virginia, Kentucky and...

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Seeing the real space shuttle up close and watching a Space X Falcon 9 rocket launch from Cape Canaveral–priceless. After a morning tour of the Kennedy Space Center, I returned to the Quantum of the Seas and in the evening, stood on deck with hundreds of others...

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Homework Management: Make Time to Play

Professional truants love playing hooky with our kids. But even we pros know we have to send our children to school. So we optimize playing hooky time with a good homework management system. Because our kids have a ton of work–just read experts like Donna Goldberg,...

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It’s as much an emotional journey as a geographic one.