Finding Owain Thomas

The search for who we were.

Finding More About Our Welsh Roots

Thanks to Family History Wales, we’re learning more about my great-grandfather, whose home we plan to visit in less than two weeks, as well as a bit about his parents. Interestingly enough, his mother’s name was Ellen. That name–or names like it–keep...

Finding Owain Thomas

My mother, my two daughters and I are planning our visit to the farm my great-grandgather, Owain Thomas Hughes, left nearly 150 years ago. I’m the middle generation of three generations. We live far apart, but see each other often. But Owain Thomas Hughes lived in an...

Late in the 1800s, my great-grandfather, Owain Thomas Hughes, left the family farm in Angelsey, Wales, to seek his fortune in America.

Some 130 years later, my mother, my daughters and I head to Wales to see if we can find it.

And we do.