Why do I want to be Italian?

It’s the cousin network.

Sunday we went an all-day boat ride up the Amalfi Coast–snorkeling, playing in a waterfall and just enjoying each other.

But, day’s end, when we left the boat, jumping off to swim in to the beach at our hotel, La Tonnarella, we forgot our Nalgene bottles that I’d bought just for this trip. Never fear, the cousin network saved us. Giovanni, our fearless skipper, who works in a marina that’s about two marinas up from where he picked us up, the Marina Grande, has a cousin who works at the Marina Grande, who has a cousin who works someplace else, who has a cousin who works at La Tonnarella. So between that 6 p.m. leap into the waters off La Tonnarella’s beach to breakfast the next morning, those bottles made it from one cousin’s house to the next and our waiter brought the bottles to us at our the breakfast table in the morning!!