Remember Plato’s allegory of the cave? What we see usually is just the shadow of the true world, out in the light is the truth. Or something like that. Down this dark alley, I found the tiramisu that is outside the cave. Tiramisu has never been for me. But here at the Osteria da Carla (thank you Lonely Planet!), in this narrow passageway just off the frenzied Frazzeria, we found what it –and a whole lot of other pasta, gnocchi and tapas are supposed to be.

It is part of our touring by food quest on this trip. And it is not the only one in Venice.

We stumbled onto one great one our very first day, Algiubagio, starting out by dining out on its charming umbrella covered deck, watching all the lagoon traffic (including the ambulance boats) then had to move inside as a small but fierce windstorm sprang up. They battened down the hatches like sailors and we finished our meal inside, stepping out every once in a while to watch the wind.

But my favorite was Dalla a Marisa (or something like that, I will doublecheck) at the almost end of the road. Er, since we were in Venice, the canal. There, the DHL barge, garbage barge and every other working barge that in most other parts of this earth, is a truck, floated past us. And we sat in the sun, while our waitress gave us our options, course by course. No planning ahead here. Just sip your slightly fizzy, lightly chilled fresh red wine and indulge. Inside sat all the locals, the barge drivers, off-duty gondoliers, gossiping away. But we sat outside, watching canal traffic and incoming flights floating into the Marco Polo airport.