“Shower naked.” That’s the mantra at Icelandic thermal pools. They are serious about keeping them clean! None of this rinse-off-in-the-shower-with-your-suit-on-before-you-get-in-the-pool stuff. We’ve been hitting ’em since Day One, when we hit two in Reykjavik. The first was a neighborhood pool with a medium-sized slide (closed, unfortunately), a waterfall, a floating hot dog to play on and three hot tubs with gradually increasing temperatures. But then we hit the BEST one: Laugardalslaug. HUGE! Eighty-three meter enclosed disco slide that goes from open to black (eek!) to disco lighting!

I went down four or five times, lord knows how many times my 12-year-old went down it. She also did great on the balance ropes–you try to walk across floating pads while steadying yourself on balance ropes. It’s tough because everything is moving–the water and the kids behind you. So, for pure fun, unbeatable.

But for otherworldliness: my vote is for our latest, the Myvatn Nature baths. You can find them just by following the steam plumes coming up, mainly from the geothermal plant that is also nearby and is itself a wild looking spot with a huge aqua colored pool of its own.

The Nature Baths are huge, with aqua waters that have hotter and less hot currents.

Love the way they greet you: “please take off your shoes and shower naked.”

We just hung around, watching the steam rise into the sky and the sun glitter on the volcanic mountains and Lake Myvatn.