Part of spending 12 days of touring Iceland with your 12-year-old means adding in some extra thrills geared for kids (big ones as well as little ones), and that can be anything from zodiac rides around icebergs to a 70-kilometer per hour snow machine sprint on a glacial ice cap.

Iceland Thrills from Kate Rice on Vimeo.

You get to suit up in gear that insulates you from glacial chill-and even inflates spontaneously in the unlikely event you hit the water.

Jon, our very competent Ski-Doo guide with Vatnajokull Tours Glacier Jeeps, had our 12-year-old ride with him on his snow machine, and, to her delight, let her power up to 70 kilometers per hour across a flat glacial field.

There were treats for adults, too, like the local schnapps Sandra, our guide on our Gentle Giants tour, served.IMG_4627 Not to be outdone, our great guides with Ribsfari on the Vestmannaeyjar Islands, served us some Amaretto after we told them that!