IMG_1012Wales is full of detours and once we had found Ty’n y Mynyndd, we took a lot of them. In fact, when we drove down Mynynnd Bodafon, we headed straight on to one detour to see a 25-ton standing stone in a pasture just north of Moelfre. From there we could see the tip of another kind of ruin, so we kept following that road until we got to the ruin of a small church, one probably buit back in the 1400s or so. Travel was tough back in those days. so the church built small churches to give farmers a church they could walk to. A sign there told us that a Roman ruin probably built atop an old Celtic settelement was in a neighboring stand of trees. We walked across the field, past grazing sheep and up a stile where, sure enough, was a fairly massive ruin. It was a walled encampment with foundations for about four buildings, two cirular and two square. The walls wereenormous–five feet thick. They were just a few feet tall–the Romans had built wood walls above that and then built thatched roofs over them. In yet another field, we could see a manor house, I’d guess maybe 17th century, more sheep grazing in the field that separated us. Amazing. In the space of under a mile, we’d covered structures whose origins ranged across the millennia. Imagine all that outside your house!