Hunting the Cotswolds Hunt

I took a wrong turn from either Upper or Lower Slaughter or Upper or Lower Swell, (and these are villages, not bars!) and found myself on a narrow wooded lane lined by half a dozen cars parked in the trees with guys hanging out, drinking tea and looking at the rolling... read more

On the Outside Looking In

I have to laugh, the only way I, who am Irish, can see Sudeley Castle, in Winchcombe, is from the outside looking in. I think it is because they are building a new visitor’s center, and I really just want to see the grounds. But I am suddenly realizing the irony... read more

Last Day at WTM 2015

World Travel Market 2015 wound down after four days today and here’s what a travel show looks like on its last day. The crowds thin out, which means exhibitors like me get a chance to wander around to see how countries¬†from all over the world show off their... read more

Resist Inertia.

Fight Routine.

Play Hooky.